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Sports Massage is also known as a deep tissue massage. Using techniques such as kneading, frictions and Ischemic pressure, the aim is to reduce muscle tone and trigger points that may refer pain to other areas. You do not need to be an athlete or even regularly exercise to benefit from a sports massage, for example those with office jobs, long commutes or physical jobs get tight muscles that effect posture and cause pain. Aswell as loosening muscle and reducing pain, Sports Massage has many other health benefits such as:
• Increased circulation
• Improving lymphatic flow
• Reduces inflammation
• Releasing endorphins to improve mood

Acupuncture is used to loosen tight muscles, ease knots and trigger points and to increase blood flow to an area to encourage healing. We commonly use acupuncture to treat:
• Shin Splints
• Plantar Fasciitis
• ITB Friction Syndrome
• Tension Headaches

An injury treatment will vary depending on every individual’s injury and needs. The treatments we offer are:
• Massage
• Rehab Programmes
• Joint Mobilisation
• Ultrasound Therapy
• Ktape
• Acupuncture

Whether you have been struggling with an ache or pain for a while or recently got injured, our aim at Izzy Branson Sports Therapy is to diagnose the cause of this problem, decide the best course of treatment and how to stop it from happening again. An Injury assessment appointment includes a treatment.

We can be booked to provide injury prevention talks to sports teams within Schools, Colleges or Universities. These talks aim to educate athletes on the importance of injury prevention rather than treatment and the best ways to achieve this.

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