Josh Bassett - Wasps Rugby

Izzy is my therapist of choice to provide treatment for me throughout a training week and before games. She helps with maintenance to my lower back and hips to help keep them loose, mobile and prevent some problems that I tend to develop such as lumbo-pelvic dysfunction and hamstring strains. Izzy is a very knowledgeable therapist and tailors every treatment specifically to me, leaving me feeling great and ready to train. I would recommend Izzy to anyone with lower back and hip dysfunctions like myself


Nathan Hughes - Bristol and England Rugby

I regularly receive treatments from Izzy in order to reduce muscle soreness after training and to ensure that I feel fresh, ready to train hard the following day.


Lima Sopoaga - All Blacks & Wasps Rugby

Izzy regularly treats me for the lower back and hip stiffness that I get from lots of kicking practice. She always provides me with a great treatment and really knows how to find those tight spots! Izzy is a very knowledgable and friendly person who I would recommend to any person that has aches and pains


Juan De Jongh - Springbok & Wasps Rugby

I had a great hamstring rehab running session with Izzy, which helped me make great strides to recovery- Thankyou!


Tommy Taylor - Wasps and England Rugby

I have been receiving soft tissue treatments from Izzy to help reduce the pain and stiffness in my neck from scrums. Izzy has a high level of knowledge about what treatments would be most effective for me, and I feel great benefits from every treatment with her. I would definitely recommend treatments from Izzy.


Jack Willis - Wasps Rugby

Izzy has played a big part in my recovery from both my knee and ankle injuries. She is always very thorough and always makes sure you have top quality treatment. She is very knowledgeable and has also helped me develop a lumber spine mobility circuit to make sure I’m ready for training each day. I’d highly recommend her services and treatments


Ruth Foster

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Izzy. Izzy has helped me get back to everyday life and gain confidence with trusting my body again and in the gym. I had a microdisectomy and Izzy helped reduce the pain and gave me workouts that I could focus on to build my strength again after losing confidence in exercising and the gym. Whenever I feel something isn't quite right Izzy is always there when I need her!


Dean Broad

This afternoon I visited Izzy due to an Achilles problem. Warmly greeted with a smile, we went through everything and more besides. This lady knows her stuff! Has certainly spent more time getting to know the problem than others I've been to and has given me different exercises. The massage has completely loosened my calf muscle, most definitely needed. All in all, an excellent experience Thanks Izzy.